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Saturday, 30 June 2007


Cascade...........I like the word cascade. Not as nice a word as moist, but a very good word, none the less. Cascade............I like the word. I already said that, thats how much I like it.

It sounds like a word of falling, diluting as it falls, the responsibility falling like a stone, fragmenting into grains of sand as it falls and lands around the feet of some poor sod at the bottom of the heap who is a little fed up of being cascaded upon.

I don't know what the cascader's handbook calls it. It must be important, a sort of "I told you so." title would be appropriate. Its all connected with training, devolving responsibility downwards, in a cascade funilly enough. There itis again. Cascade........I like the word cascade. It only appears during the day,a strange sort of beast. Afraid of the dark, I am led to understand. Its still a nice word though.

Cascade............there, one last time.


Officer Dibble said...

Cascade is a word from a 9-5pm E mail world.
It comes from above..you have been told because you have opened that E mail...responsibility now absolved.

Noddy said...

I'll pass this on!

Whichendbites said...

Noddy, when you do pass it on, make sure you pass it down. I am led to believe that this is the nature of the beast. Once passed, the responsibility lieth elsewhere.

Noddy said...

Down to who? I work response therefore I am a bottom feeder and that's where all the detritus ends up .


Whichendbites said...

Well it looks like you have a problem here. There is no-one whom you can cascade this problem down to. This could be time for you to suggest some form of reorganisation in which you, as a response resource can hope that there is some entity unfortunate enough to be thought of less than response and perhaps get some recognition in your staff appraisal for the suggestion of a reorganisation. You might have to produce some evidence to get this. But rest assured, if all else fails, you are still in the detritus zone. Wasn't detritus a Sgt in the Watch, or something?

Whichendbites said...

Noddy, some good news. I have the answer. You move it sideways. Its called lateral development. There you are, sorted.