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Monday, 2 July 2007

Thieves have rights too.

I am amazed at a story from a tabloid newspaper in which it reports that a shopkeeper was fined £250 after he chased and caught 3 thieves after they stole spray paint from his store.

Two of the 3 thieves were given fixed penalty fines of £80 but he was charged with assault and subsequently pleaded guilty, rather than face a possible jail sentence.

A shopworker who assisted in catching the thieves also faces court proceedings.

The court ruled that the shopkeepers claim of self defence, kicking one of the thieves on the ground after he had been assaulted, not sufficient enough reason not to convict him.

Well thanks everso much. That is another member of the public we can trust on for their support in the future and who will also have trust in the system. Oops, I forgot, he is now a criminal.

It appears that thieves have rights and deserve the full protection of the law.

That is really re-assuring to know, especially if you happen to be a victim of crime.

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