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Wednesday, 4 July 2007


This is a picture of a lady who is a victim of crime. This frail old lady was returning home after collecting her pension when she was subject to being robbed, known fashionably as 'mugging'.
She did nothing to invite or incite this horrible offence apart from being an easy target for someone who I describe as SCUM. As a result this lady is in a hospital, in a coma and fighting for her life. This is because of the actions of SCUM.
This SCUM is likely to be a repeat offender.
This SCUM is also very likely to have a drug habit.
This SCUM has absolutely no conscience at all.
This SCUM does not deserve to breath the oxygen we share nor to walk our earth.
This SCUM deserves to suffer an unfortunate and very painful accident.
This lady is not just a victim. She is a mother, probably a grand-mother and has any number amount of friends and family who are deeply distressed and angry that this SCUM has done this horrible thing.
To the victim and her family I wish hope and recovery. That is the least you deserve.
To the SCUM, you deserve nothing, not even a life. I hope the drugs you will probably buy result in an overdose and there is nothing or no-one around to save you. That too, is the least you deserve.


PC South West said...

Maybe this is the required response?

Minty said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to her.
My blood boils to think that the scum that did this, when the ineveitable happens, will recive the same level of care & lifesvaing intervention as this lady has.

Metcountymounty said...

If they go out in an overdose they'll be happy until they realise they're screwed at which point they won't care anyway because they'll be high. They deserve nothing more than to die painfully and alone, and completely stone-cold sober at the time. I bet my mortgage that no member of her family is a judge or defence solicitor, but if they are they haven't change jobs.

Annette said...

I totally agree with you, and especially with P C South West.

nursemary said...

No, what will happen is the scum will get some drugs, OD, a paramedic will do the necessary and transport them to hospital. We then reverse the effects and get abused by the scum. They then go back out and are at it again...