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Tuesday, 10 July 2007


I have been able to get one of them 'counter' things attached to the blog to see whats going on.

I was very surprised indeed to see that yesterday I had 100 hits. Since the counter stats have been working that is over 1300. I have also compiled a top ten for referals with the list as follows.

1. The Gadget blog. (I did not expect any less.)
2. Direct . (whatever that means.)
3. Blogger.
4. Google.
5. T.U.P.C.
6. PoliceCameraPaperwork.
7. Big fella in blue.
8. Officer Dibble.
9. Noddy and Toytown.
10.Area trace no search.

I have also seen that the 'hits' come from all over the country as well as from Australia, Europe and America.

Thanks for your links and all of the comments. This just shows that our words are being read.

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