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Monday, 30 July 2007

Dog Bites.....ouch.

The next time you hear someone shouting these words'

"Police Officer with a dog, stop or I'll send the dog "

Exactly what should you do ?

Choose your answer and your subsequent actions carefully.

Is it

Answer A: Ignore them, they're only bullshitting you. Run off.

Answer B: Even if there is a dog I can either outrun it or hide. Run off.

Answer C: I'd better stop as instructed. If there is a Police Dog and it bites me it will hurt and probably land me up at the nearest acident and emergency department.

Answer D: Shout at them "Come on you bastard send you're f+*^"g dog, I can take him and you as well". Don't run off but stay and fight.

See here for the correct answer.


Nice one Mr. Copperfield.

I think I would suggest answer C:


Mousie said...

Furry land sharks - 1
Chav scum - nil

Anonymous said...

Another great name I heard for our four legged chums the other night - Growling tomahawk. brilliant

MonkeyGirl said...

I like Tasers, too. Suturing dog bites takes a while. Pulling out Taser spikes only takes a minute. Regardless, there's something about felons in pain that always makes me smile. Must be the sadist in me.

Metcountymounty said...

The issue of deterrants is a contentious one and your experience as a dog handler says it all. Which course of action is a criminal most likely to take? one that leads him to a comfy cell, where he will be fed and in the morning he MIGHT be told by a magistrate that he is a very naughty boy, or the course of action that will leave him in significant pain for many hours, risking potential infection and probably scarring, and possibly even the loss of function of a limb?

The one universal understanding is pain and physical detriment, and that should be the deterrant, not a hug from an apologist at the group therapy session.

BelfastPeeler said...

That video on Copperfields blog of the dog training is awesome. Man pulled out of van window by hairy 4 legged teeth carrier, class.

The Phantom Policeman said...

Answer b. All of the above.

Stephen P said...

Why are all your police dogs trained to go for an arm? that leaves the poor creature in danger from any weapon in scumbags other hand.

Our dogs are trained to go for throat or groin. Safer for the dog, and much more effective in bringing things to a (painlessly, for us) quick conclusion.


Anonymous said...

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