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Thursday, 26 July 2007

Border Police.

So Mr Brown recommends a new Border Police, from multi-agency type of approach. Great news. This will help with immigration and the like, I'm sure. But then again perhaps not.

We know where every untaxed car is in the country, located amongst all the millions of cars there are on the roads withn the UK, allegedly. We are able to clamp and then seize offending cars, as well as prosecute the owners.

We haven't a clue where almost all of the illegal immigrants and other unwelcome visitors or overstayers are. This includes the terrorists, potential terrorists and their misplaced sympathisers, supporters and accomplices.

Perhaps we should get the DVLA in charge of immigration.

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BelfastPeeler said...

Placing the burden for chasing non car tax payers is THE biggest reason uniform police in our area are loath to use the ANPR system. If an offence is detected you MUST follow it up or justify why you didn't.

And the thing pings CONSTANTLY for out of date car tax. So no one takes it out looking for ringers, stolies, flagged as used in crime, check current owner details, all the other stuff that isn't us ding the DVLAs job for it.

They may have a bog computer sitting on the motorway flyover but it doesn't do feck all else but look sinister.