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Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Vacancies at Car Park Central

Whilst looking through some papers for the recycling trip I came across an article which reminded me of this, http://whichendbites.blogspot.com/2007/06/what-difference-day-makes.html

It appears that in an Essex town the Police are asking residents if they can have permission to park their cars on empty drives for the day. They were informed that the presence of cars on the drives of their homes may deter potential burglars. This all comes about after a change to the local parking regs which leave no-where to park for free. Cough up £2-60 per day in the pay & display or find a friendly resident with a drive. I would imagine that only the select & privileged few get the benefits of somewhere to park at that particular station, where ever the epping hell it is.

Or, if all else fails, get a job at car-park central.


uphilldowndale said...

It's strange how newspapers always seem more interesting as you post them in the recycling skip, drip paint over them, or use them to clear up something disgusting that the cat has done.
I like your dog, it has nice teeth.

Anonymous said...

A. A marmite miner,
A fudge packer,
A shirt lifter,

Anonymous said...

Metcountymounty ??