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Saturday, 9 June 2007

Arrests over 'dolphin harassment'

Dave the dolphin is protected by animal welfare legislation as he swims in waters off the Kent coast. Two men are being questioned following their arrest after police received harassment reports against the dolphin.

Insp Gavin Roy said: "They are protected by law and should be treated with respect."

Animal welfare charities have previously expressed concern over swimmers, kayakers and other watercraft users possibly causing distress or alarm to Dave. I wonder if any of them wear hoodies.

The paperchase begins. And there must be detected crimes to be had somewhere.

The same thing happens to old, weak and vulnerable people all over the country, gangs of the hooded hoardes get a lot of their enjoyment out of teasing and intimidating the old, weak and vulnerable. Surely thats harrassment as well ?

As the Inspector so rightly says, "They are protected by law and should be treated with respect."


Officer Dibble said...

Problem is the old,weak and the vulnerable are not up there amongst the eye catchimg media soundbites.

The only time they will get any serious coverage is if they swim up the Thames and appear distressed.

Noddy said...

Flippin' heck, there was poor old Dave duckin' and divin' like a good 'un havin' a whale of a time when....

The Thin Blue Line said...

Dave probably doesn't even feel harassed. He's probably having a whale of a time (no pun inten...er, just no pun).
As you rightly point out, having the protection of the law doesn't necessarily mean that policy will protect you. There's any number of decent people whose lives are made a misery by idiots who can testify to that.
How ironic if, during the inevitable photo shoot, the Inspector was eaten by the dolphin who'd finally had enough of things and decided to take the law into it's own, er, flippers.

Sergeant Simon said...

I shall use the line I have heard often enough. Can't they go and do some real police work?

grindle said...

Taking this one stage further, what about all those anglers harrassing fish generally? Lots of detected crime to be had there, (counting rules and keep net contents allowing).