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Monday, 4 June 2007

Stand still when you're told.

Its dark, again, the thieves are out again, targeting cars, the boys & girls are out on foot and there is a dog out there lurking, somewhere secret. In comes the call that a car window has gone in, nearby, and the masses begin the movement to encircle the suspects.

From the secret furtive place the beast moves slowly, surely and quietly towards one part of the territory knowing full well that itis just about the only quick exit back into the lanes & backways of the estate. This seems to be the obvious place but no-one has called up to say they are there, so there we wait. Then comes that call we are all waiting for.........'footchase'...........followed by a series of locations barely discernable inbetween the puffings & pantings, stuff being discarded to assist in the evasion from the Forces of good and then right passed the duo in waiting.

Shout the warning and release the beast because they aint stopping, not even the good guy in pursuit of the thief in the night. Thief in the night, fearing for his own safety decides to take refuge upon the roof of the nearest car, our brave good'un realises that the selective red-mist deafness is suddenly going to get a little painful and has a swift introduction to the world of canine dentistry.

Now that smarts a bit.

One very fortunate thief gets B & B on the Queen, detected crime and property recovered, one of the good guys ends up with a hospital visit.

You might not get one when you want one, they might come from miles away, but they are out there, somewhere, waiting for the chance to do the business for you.

Its not always too wet, too far, too windy or whatever other too this or that you might have heard.


Officer Dibble said...

The sobering effect of a large police dog on a crowd is something to behold.
I recall I was working in Central London and it was a very busy summer Saturday night. We had come across a dispute by an Underground station and my partner had to find the other party who had walked off.

My 'customer'was drunk and leary and was with two mates who (to their credit)were trying to calm him down.
The usual crowd formed as my customer performed.

Suddenly everything went very civilised and people started to walk off.
Was it my presence or crowd management style?

I looked behind me and it was a BTP dog handler and his partner who was looking very expectantly at the disappearing crowd.

That's at least one up to the hairy land shark!

Sergeant Simon said...

heh I can recall after being pelted with bottles and bricks outside a nightclub- thankfully in a car at the time, which took the damage rather than me- the world turned up shortly afterwards. A double crewed K9 unit turned up (now there's something I haven't seen in a while) and without even saying anything people at the front of previously confident agressive crowd slunk back to nearest wall.

I asked muttley man if the dog recognised the uniform. He said "errrr, No." I stood behind him then.