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Tuesday, 12 June 2007

People who live in glass houses.

I heard a bit of what the outgoing Prime Minister was saying during his reported comments concerning his slating of sections of the media. Feral hordes of reporters ripping the reputations of people to shreds.

The race for the latest updates on every 'hot' story appear to give the impression that reporting the news is fast becoming trial by media with the common excuse of being in the public interest.

We seem to have media by opposition with reporters seeming to always take the other side as though they are playing devil's advocates on almost every story by allowing their questions to take the opposite view.

Mr Blah has a valid point. I do find it a bit hypocritical when his Government appears to use the media when it suits to promote the brand and swing its spin but then come out with the statement he made. People in glass houses and stones come to mind.

At the end of the day there is a balance between reporting the news and printing trash.
Its your money, you have to decide what papers to buy, if you buy any at all. What channel to see, if any.

As for the Government, well X marks the spot every five years or so. But they never change, they promise the world yet seem to deliver little.

I am appalled at how easily we accept shocking and terrifying news and then move on, with little or no concerns to what has happened. Yesterday's news is old news and unless there is something particularly tasty then the stories pass down a quick and sorry road into oblivion all too quickly. Then its the next shocker, and then the next. For how long ?

Another murder, another serious offence against children, another criminal released because of a loophole, another illegally at large person, another person on bail, another, another, another, another this or another that which falls into one long tale of grief and misery. There always seems to be another. Another excuse for not doing something. Another reason that covers your arse. Another person to blame. Its always the same.


Anonymous said...

Earlier today, a colleague of mine was pissing in the doorway of a bookshop.

It's the beginning of social anarchy when a cop pisses on a bookshop!!!


Anonymous said...

and fuck you too Whichendshits ..one day I shall run the bloody Met!!!