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Friday, 8 June 2007

Trust the system.

Stephen Ayre is a convicted murderer, he murdered his lover in 1985. Like all convicted murderers he was given a life sentence. He was released in 2005. I don't understand why, but he was. Ten months after his release, he abducted and raped a10 year old boy. He was convicted and sentenced to a life sentence again, after admitting the offences. Yet another offender released to offend again. Not a insignificant offence mind you, they don't get much bigger than what he has committed.

Ask yourself an important question.

Why was he released early from the first life sentence ?

The Parole Board and the Probation Service had ordered reviews into his risk assessment and to why he was released early. It ruled that this important information comes under the Data Protection Act and the findings must remain confidential. A parole board spokesman has said that a new system had been set up to ensure data about dangerous offenders was considered.

That's nice to know then.

Not at all another arse covering excercise to protect the rights of someone who has more rights than yet another victim.

Ask yourself another question.

Could this have been avoided ?

You already know what the answer is likely to be, don't you ?

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totallyun-pc said...

Ain't it sick?

I'd like to say this is Another example of the sentance just not fitting the crime... but in this case, it did... but the authorities chose to diminish it.... I hope they never sleep again.... the crimes are as much theres as they are the twisted F*ck who committed them on his release!