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Monday, 6 August 2007

The Organisation

I have found out that we are now part of an Organisation.

We no longer belong to the Police Force. That is far too old style and outdated.

Police Service is also very last year's fashion. So now its Organisation.

We are also part of a family of something, we belong to a family of Forces
but not to a family of organisations. We also never do stuff by ourselves
anymore. We always have a multi-agency approach to our problems. This apparently makes it better.

We also have things that show how we value our staff as individuals. We have things like 'investing in people' that show how well we treat our staff and value their contributions, no matter how small, towards the aims of the organisation (there is that word again) as part of this multi-agency approach to solving problems.

This 'organisation' does not consist of rather large scary people in black suits sorting out their problems. This caring,sharing,multi-thingy is where the future lies and is all part of the plan to educate the rest of us as to just how good a place the world is now that we are an organisation.

Gone are the days when individual officers are capable of working out what is going on out there in the outside world by using skills they have honed over a number of years. Now the organisation tells them what they should be doing.

There seems to be a large erosion of the word 'trust' relating to how officers used their skills, their noses or just their perserverance to direct their policing efforts towards giving free bed & breakfast to deserving cases.

Now they are told what to do and when to do it and then to submit electronic data into the paperless office of parts of this organisation. This is so that we are able to show we are doing the chosen thing for the benefit of the organisation.

As long as itis for the benefit of the organisation I suppose that makes everything alright ? The only thing I fail to understand is for whose benefit within this organisation does all this happen ?

We also don't seem to have responsibility for things any more. You now have ownership of something. Therefore itis your problem now.

I have removed my sense of humour as it appears that this, too, is inappropriate for the needs of the organisation. I have removed my ability to think for myself as this leads me to make my own decisions and this might not be one of the aims of the organisation. I have taken away my views of how the organisation operates and I now believe and support what the people in their offices and at their meetings decree.

I realise that the multi-duplication of statistical information is not meaningless but is vital to the benefit of the organisation. I am looking at the bigger picture.

Does it all make some form of wierd sense now ?


BelfastPeeler said...

I started reading and my brain just seized half way through. I think this stuff, whcih I get constantly in my email, is a kind of hypnosis.

Keep telling staff things are better than ever over and over again and they might forget the truth.

Officer Dibble said...

To answer your sum up question.

This organisation...?


Not even in the wierd sense.

Custard Skipper said...

Sooo true! I will copy & paste then send around the 'organisation' via email, post it in the office and screw up my promo chances again!

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