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Thursday, 16 August 2007

Acceptible behaviour ?

I've made the mistake of buying a paper for the last few days and what sad reading it makes. Along with the recent news that seems to be almost all bad there is a trend in reporting of lawless youth who seem intent on confirming the impression that threats and intimidation by groups of dilinquent youth are making the lives of ordinary people a misery.

Enren Anil was killed after challenging two people for throwing something in his car.

If anyone is ever convicted of this crime they will say they didn't intend to kill him and shelve any responsibility for their actions.

Garry Newlove was punched & kicked to death after confronted a group of youths outside of his home.

I could go on.

Serious violent crime has soared in many places and the change in licencing laws as well the easy availability of alcohol has contributed towards this. Also the ever increasing number of our young people involved in alcohol related events are making lives a misery for ever more of the law abiding people who feel threatened, intimidated and angry about the effects of anti-social behaviour.

Sceptics may say there is no research that supports this but I say just get out onto the housing estates, both old and new, to see exactly what is going on and you will be able to open your eyes and see the reality of what is happenning. Anyone working as a response resource will also say different.

The intent is to look good, behave in such a way to enhance your status and get some and respect and copy the sulking bad attitudes and lack of respect for most of society that acceptible within your own peer group to the detriment of others.

Thankfully not all of todays young people are like this.

Like every group a increasing number get the decent ones a bad name.

I have been observing a large group and what I've seen has been harmless fun that irritates the curtain twitchers who complain needlessly.

I have also seen unacceptible behaviour by another group that has justified numerous calls and required a suitable response.

There is a balance and the most important thing in this balance is personal responsibility. Sadly an ever growing number take action without the responsibility for those actions.

Disorderly people do not want to see consequences of their actions.

Too many parents do not see or refuse to see any responsibility on their part for the actions of their children.

It is left to someone else to take responsibility and when this is done, in too many cases, people complain about over reaction or heavy handedness.

Perhaps those that complain, because the Police are doing the job of parents, nannys and just about everyone else who fails to do so, might have some positive words of encouragement for the families and friends of everyone who has been killed, injured, threatened or had property damaged by mindless selfish idiots who are often drunk and accept no responsibility for their actions.


bobbyc said...

well said, m8

cheekyfaces said...

The layering effect of antisocial behaviour is one which can truly affect an ordinary persons life.

What may seem a petty complaint to some people has to be seen as part of the bigger picture of the often, daily torture they suffer.

As someone who has put up with it and then tried to stop some of it, I know its extremely hard, it almost makes you paranoid about things........and its very easy to see how stronger people may think of turning into a vigilante group.

Antisocial behaviour is a nightmare.

Anonymous said...

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