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Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Bank Holiday Weekend

Its the bank holiday weekend approaching. There will be football at the weekend, the last of the, laughingly called, summer holiday weekends that will collectively produce some of the greatest demand on the response resources available.

Rest assured that this perceived extra demand will have been carefully planned for with numbers down to minimum levels to deal with the extra workload.

A weekend when many of our 'partnership' partners will be unavailable yet the world as we know it has not taken a few days off.

I trust that the intoxicated and drunken behaviour of the generally stupidly inebriated will defy the odds and be so good that we will all rejoice in the bank holiday festivities and have an equally great time.

My best and safest wishes to you all.


Noddy said...

Guess who's on his holidays again!

You really must organise your leave dates better!

PC South West said...

Yep I am bracing myself as on silly shift this weekend. I bet we will be vastly under resourced as usual.

Officer Dibble said...

The drip drip drip of red ink usually gets me through..

busybizzie said...

I love the way it gets busy on bank holidays. "You haven't got sodding jobs anyway! It's just another Monday!"