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Wednesday, 17 October 2007

What would you have done.

Put yourself in this position.

You are a manager who decides what resources to allocate to different 'target' needs.

You have two specific areas that you decide you need to provide support for.

The first is domestic burglaries within the metropolis.
The second is a vehicle safety related issue near a major travel related centre.

The resources you have at your disposal for these 'targets' are as below.

Dog Handlers and Traffic motorcyclists.

Now I would assign the Dog Handlers to the domestic burglary 'target' and the Traffic Motorcyclists to the vehicle safety related issue 'target'. To me this makes a lot of sense.

What would you have done ?


DBA Dude said...

I am just a MOP but think that I would have made the same choices as you.

Somehow I get the feeling that your SMT disagree with us.

Hounddog said...

Ah now see I can guess where this is going, and you and I would take the common sense route, but alas I fear that the ivory tower brigade went for the stupid option?

PT COP said...

no brainer really!

Anonymous said...

well obviously dogs are a lot more proficient when it comes to dealing with speeding motorists

dickiebo said...

Depends whether I'm after promotion, or good policing.

Chrysalis Angel said...

I definitely would have put the canines on the burglary detail. Seems that would be right up there alley. Go in and get 'em! Thanks for visiting and commenting on my site. I'll have to look around your sites some here.

thinblueline said...

Dont be silly.

Use the M/cycles to respond to the burglary calls therefore meeting our responce times target since we are not measured in actualy catching criminals

and the dog unit can do a static speeding trap system where you can search cars with the dogs and growl at the naughty motorists.

Andy C said...

Even though I'm just a member of the public, I think I know the answer.

1. I would employ the dog handlers to deal with the vehicle safety related issue by getting them to phone the safety camera partnership asking for 3 more cameras. The dog handlers could then be privatised and contracted to a private firm collecting speeding fines.

2. The traffic motorcyclists could hand out leaflets giving "crime prevention advice" to encourage the householders to buy security equipment so any future domestic burglaries are the householder's fault. The traffic bikers could then be privatised and employed by a private contractor acting as couriers transferring personal data between government departments.

Quod Erat Demonstrandum said...

Occupational Safety and Health

The motor cyclists haven't yet had the necessary training to ride their new bikes operationally, they are just allowed to use them to go from A to B.

So assign them to the burglaries.

One of the dog handlers just happens to have a driving permit allowing him to drive a police bike operationally.

So assign him to the traffic problem, with backup from his colleagues.


Makes sense really!

Dreaduk said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh........I know what you're up to here.

Trick questions, Dog handler is a euphemism for a Pimp, is it not? so assign him for traffic duties to gain some well needed income from passing motorists whilst giving motorists a really positive impression of their local 'Dog handler' in blue. Traffic accidents at the black spot are eliminated altogether as drivers are now just crawling by.

Traffic Motorcyclist? Trick Cyclist? GOT IT! ....... Psychiatrist. Assign the Psychiatrist to domestic burgleries and he/she can psyco analyse the victims convincing them the burglary was nothing but a figment of their imagination, crime figures simply plummet as there are no burglaries reported....at all!

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