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Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Stop & Search

It seems that there might some new stop & search going on soon.

What heinous crime are we looking towards ?

Those criminals who dump their weekly rubbish unlawfully ?
Those who put out more than someone thinks they should ?

Will it fall into the 'detectable' category ?

I suppose somewhere down the line there is some financial saving to be had by reducing the amount that households will be allowed to put out for collection.

Less to collect, less to dispose of, less staff, less vehicles, less
maintenance etc etc etc.

The obvious thing seems to be that this will only encourage some in society to dump it anywhere they can.

Any savings will then be taken up by extra work for some to dispose of this dumped garbage. There will be the council wardens whose responsibility it will be to exercise these stop & search powers for vehicles used by suspected dumpers. How are they going to stop vehicles for searching, seize and impound such suspected vehicles ? Where are they going to store the vehicles when they are impounded ?

I wonder what sort of form they will have to fill in for statistical or other reasons.

I also wonder what self classification rubbish dumpers will opt for. Where will the forms be stored ?

I also wonder who will come along and sort out all the crap when it all goes pear shaped.

Why not just retain the weekly collections and avoid all the trouble, extra inconvenience, crap dumped all over the place and the extra expenses that will be incurred.

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ecparamedic said...

It's just evidence to show how far divorced from reality these people are. The usual suspects will continue to do what the hell they want at everyone elses cost, and the law abiding will get screwed.

Situation normal.