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Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Run wild, run free.

It seems that research shows that children who are not subject to parental control, who come from troubled family relationships and other background reasons are allowed to grow up to become the thugs and anti-social hooligans of tomorrow.

Ask anyone who has Policed our society for a number of years and they too could have come up with this exact point. You don't need to be a professor or hold a degree in one of the 'ologies to be able to come to this same conclusion.

The cycle of disorderly, anti-social violent and disrespectful behaviour begins at home, is endorsed and allowed to flourish by a society that fails to challenge and stop this menace.

Parents who allow this to thrive and challenge every attempt to stop it have meant that other areas are useless in developing good behaviour. Itis claimed to be the fault of everyone apart from the parents because too many fail to see or accept the responsibility that goes with raising their children.

Sadly those who take the time, effort and responsibility seriously appear to be getting more and more of a minority.

The triangle of learning and respect begins its most important phase in the home environment, supported and developed by the schools and followed up by the Police who represent the laws of the land.

It seems on too many occasions that the Police now cater for the increasing number who fall through this net. The net is full of holes that seem to get ever bigger.

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"gunner" said...

i reckon i'm one of "the old breed" parents, my son committed vandalism just once, on an antique car owned by a neighbor. when the cops brought him round for me to deal with they stood with their jaws hanging as i told him he was losing his bicycle and .22 rifle until the damage was made good to the satisfaction of the car's owner, "that responsible people have things like guns and bikes, you'll get yours back when you prove you are a responsible person". he never tried anything like it again and to this day he's never aquired a "police record" for even a traffic offense. you and most thinking people are right, it begins with the parents. i may have been a "regimental sgt. major" when needed but my kids also were praised when they did right and my "well done" meant more to them than all the "self esteem" crap peddled at school by well meaning fuzzy brains.