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Wednesday, 17 October 2007

New Dog

A colleague from a different part of the country sent me this. I must stress that this is not part of a new efficiency drive to reduce costs. Having said that, the food bill would reduce as we could go out catching chickens. The kennel space would be far smaller and only consist of a hole under the garden shed. I am beginning to think strategic here. There could be benefits somewhere. This would be a real plus with all the extra fox activity since the ban on hunting giving a seemingly endless supply.


BelfastPeeler said...

lol, a cunning plan, why not. Surely finding chickens and finding cowards is much the same thing.

Metcountymounty said...

They're nasty little b*stards when they get cornered, but hey, they kill and eat the neighbours cats that shit continuously in my garden so they score a big tick in my book.

Whichendbites said...

There seems to be some support for this,I might have to think about putting a business plan together and submit via the suggestion scheme, there could even be a mug or a pen in it for me.

phuong said...

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qwadro said...

"The Swan goes all flappy and honky". . . . a beautiful sentence that indicates you know far more about swans than you're letting on.
Once called to deal with a similar situation. Control room said "Advice from the RSPCA is to grab it by the neck, wrap your arm around it's wings and transport it to open water"
My immediate response was "If you f*****g think I'm f*****g going near that f*****g hell bird spat forth from the very mouth of hades then you got another f*****g think coming, get those lazy b******s to come and get the f*****g thing themselves if they know so f*****g much, I'm off!"
Instead I keyed my mic and said "Ahhh, negative control, I fear I may damage the bird if I try to do so without training (subtext "Ahhh, negative control, I fear the bird may damage me if I try to do so without training. badly"), could you ask the professionals to attend and deal please!"
Evil incarnate when roused to ill-temper, and no mistake.whale watching hervey bayionised water

qwadro said...

"because they are too unfit to complete the maneuvers". I think "manoeuvres" is what you meant. Sorry to be picky but you dont want to shoot yourself in the foot on this one do you? Great blog keep it up!!!Las Vegas EscortRocks Off Naughty Boy