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Sunday, 13 May 2007

Operational verses Strategic ?

I overheard an interesting conversation the other day. A Sgt was deep in conversation with another Sgt who had failed his board and been through the de-brief processes to discuss where he had gone wrong and how he could improve for the next time he might submit himself (I have assumed he is a male officer) for scrutiny in the promotion stakes.

The reason this Sgt had failed his board, apparantly, was because he had too much Operational experience and needed to widen his Strategic experience. I don't know what the bloody hell all this meant but I would have thought that Operational experience was not only essential but absolutely vital. Was this just some form of management bullshite to fob him off ? Or was it really a major factor in deciding who is allowed into the club ? You decide.

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Stan Still said...

As someone who hopes to be going through the same process soon (what the hell is the matter with me?) I know that being a patrol sergeant isn't enough to guarantee success at a promotion board.

Unfortunately, it seems that the only way to get "strategic awareness" is to go and work at HQ for a bit.

Now where did I put that extra seat cushion?