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Monday, 28 May 2007

Dog dies left in car for 8 hours.

Well this is the headline you normally see in the media but I was absolutely horrified to see a report from Halle, Belgium, of a mother who forgot to drop her baby of 5 months off at the nursery on the way to work, went to work, allegedly for 8 hours, then returned to find that her baby had died of dehydration whilst she has gone.

This is not a dog but a 5 month old baby.
She could still have been at home or have employed a childminder or simply remembered that she had her baby in the car with her.

A stress specialist believes that itis not unusual for people to do silly things in a moment of forgetfulness.

What ???? Like leave a window open or something ????

You wouldn't treat a dog like that, would you ?

Just wait until the summer and it really warms up, someone will.


PC Bloggs said...

You've missed the fact that the stress expert says NOT that it is normal for people to do silly things when stressed, but that it is normal for WOMEN to do silly things when trying to be a mother and work a full-time job. Silly us...

Minty said...

A colleague of mine made a similar mistake a few years ago. He got to work and as he went to lock the car door noticed this little face looking back at him.
It was funny at the time, and for the several months that we spent reminding him about it.
How on earth can you forget about a child for all that time?

Whichendbites said...

I must have missed something, as you say bloggsy, perhaps it was one of those blonde moments, 8 hours, if true, is far too long an oversight. This is not like forgetting a pair of shoes, this was her baby.

Minty, how can someone forget a child for all that time ? What, for its life ? Now that is a long time.

This is not be in a rush to go work and leaving my dog at home, or rushing out to a job without my anorak when its raining.

Thanks both for the comments.