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Sunday, 6 May 2007

Learning or understanding ?

Funny thing death, as some other posts have said. My own death experiences have been rekindled recently and taken my mind back. I remember how stupid my old dad used to appear to me and how much rubbish he used to talk. Then I became aware of how much he had suddenly learnt, about all sorts of stuff. He appeared to have gained an awful lot of knowledge and experience overnight and became almost a pleasure to have a conversation with. How could this have mysteriously happened in such a short space of time. Had he been to nightschool ? No. Could it possibly be anything to do with my sudden burst of maturity and life experience, seeing things and people differently ? Probably so. Funny how you get to a certain age and you actually see things, understand stuff and generally become more aware of so much more of what is going on. I would have loved to have told him, but sadly, it was too late. Lots of things are out there, if we choose to see and understand. Don't miss the opportunity, you might not get another chance.

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