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Friday, 6 April 2007

Personal issue computers

Heard an interesting story the other day. Picture this, a busy place where officers need to have daily access to computer technology to input the myriad of duplicated statistics, get the latest intel, crime trends, check messages etc etc etc. Sometimes they have to do this more than once a day. Within this building there is one particular piece of expensive and modern equipment, a valuable Force resource that is effectively withdrawn from general use for the greater percentage of its available potential use. Why ? Well because its user decides to lock away the keyboard and mouse to prevent others from using it. Is it personal issue ? No, it is a Force resource. How bloody pathetic. Surely the management will not allow this, it is a waste of a resource and not efficient. No bloody chance. Working with you ? No. Working for you ? No.

On the subject of technology, I suppose, one day, they will have CCTV with speakers to replace officers on the streets. Oh, I see they already have in Middlesborough. How times change. "Camera, arrest that man."

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BelfastPeeler said...

Press and hold the power button. Not just press and release, its a "feature" apparently that you have to hold it in for a few seconds. Turns the machine off. When they come back, gape and say Oh my god I hadn't saved that 10 page statement, they wont do it again.