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Wednesday, 11 April 2007

All in the same boat ?

Somewhere down in the Constabulary, out there, somewhere, there seems to be confusion about allocation of incidents, locally known as 'jobs' from communications to the officers out on the ground. It may be the case that jobs are allocated to increase the numbers of jobs being allocated and thusly reduce the time taken to allocate those jobs to the units on the ground. Possibly because this is something being measured for the sake of statistical information. Trouble is, the units on the ground are laden with several jobs so the attendance time shows a delay which may possibly be affecting the times between allocation and attendance. It may possibly be that this is something else that is subject of measurement for the purposes of statistical information. Those who do the allocating are seen to be improving one set of times but the result is that those who are allocated are faced with longer delays before they attend. There could be misunderstandings ahead when the resultant statistics are subject to the usual performance improvement scrutiny.

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