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Thursday, 12 April 2007

Investing in People ?

Investing in People ? Now what's all that about then ?

Sounds like another trendy in-phrase that gets bandied about and is great in practice but is ignored in reality. Perhaps you've never been shafted by the management and you think itis a good thing. Perhaps, then again, you have been shafted and the phrase 'investing in people' leaves a particularly nasty taste in your mouth. I'll help you search for the mouthwash.

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Raw Carrot said...

Yet another meaningless quango. Did you know you can use their logo on your letterhead even if you don't "invest in people". if you want to have a plaque in your reception that's gonna cost you though...

Of course, the best bit is that my school claimed to "Invest in People". Ha ha ha. That'll be why the results were so bad.